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Everybody likes a birds eye view.  

Below is an overview of the Discovery4schools program and what you can expect week to week.


Program Overview

Coaching Session 2

ROAD MAP: Set SMART job goals

coaching Session 10

VEHICLE: Answering Advertised Positions 

Coaching Session 7

VEHICLE: Explore Further Study

Coaching Session 6

LUGGAGE: Interviews

Coaching Session 1

ROAD MAP: GuideU and explore

Coaching Session 8

VEHICLE: Networking

Coaching Session 9

VEHICLE: Informational Interview

Coaching Session 3

LUGGAGE: Your Marketing Campaign

Coaching Session 4

LUGGAGE: Resumes & Cover letters

Coaching Session 5

LUGGAGE: Social Media & Job Search

The journey

of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Lao Tzu

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